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Recent Things:

News - 

Solo Show, Galerie 271, The Berkshires,  July 5 - 13, 2024

Private Collections - 

Malibu, CA: "Karens Pt. 1" 

Bronxville, NY: "Historical Present"

Cashiers, NC: "Thanks for the Compliment"

Nashville, TN: "Gone Bananas" 

New York, NY: "Cheer Up Love"

Everything Else - 



This body of work began 15 years ago after developing a fascination with public walls and surfaces found in urban environments. Early collages intended to mimic the paint, advertisements, accidents, and other seemingly mundane surfaces that so densely populated public ad spaces and billboards. 

After receiving a BA in Visual Arts with a concentration in photography, my collage work evolved. Collage became a satisfying means to combine my compositional skills as a photographer with my utter lack of technical training as a painter. Using collage, I could build the composition of my landscapes, my subjects, and my intention in a way that making a photograph could not. Collage has become my form of painting so to speak. 

Each piece is composed by hand using newspapers and vintage magazines from decades prior. The work progresses through multiple cycles of being collaged, scanned and collaged again culminating in one final piece. Final iterations are large format collages and presented as either a singular collage or in editioned prints. 

This project has been ongoing and constantly evolving since 2009. 



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Photo Credit: Martin Parr


My Dad gave me his old Minolta when I was a kid. I had a photo teacher named Ms. McCarthy who handed me Joel Sternfeld's American Prospects at the age of maybe 13 or 14. That was the single defining moment in my life that I can remember where I thought "oh this is what an aha moment feels like. I need to make stuff"

So I went to college and studied art. I got to sit next to Joel Sternfeld at a dinner by random chance in 2015 or 2016. Long story short, photography has played an important role in my life. It may not ever be my professional pursuit but it will always be a visual mode by which I love to digest and study the world around me. 

Here are some photos I've taken over the years. Some are digital. Some are good. Some are bad. A lot are film. 



Before I became a full time artist, I was a commercial film producer.  I enjoyed my time in film but needed to take a break. So I took a break and guess what, now am back.


Below is select work, branded content, and previous clients from that time in my life. For my latest production work check out our new production house: Sort of Satisfactory. 

If you have a project you would like to discuss,  don't hesitate to reach out.


Photo Credit: William Eggleston


And here's the rest of me - the doesn't-neatly-fit-into-the-html-of-a- website me. The slightly-confusing-couldn't-choose-one-skill-or-hobby me. The suffered-intense-fomo-as-a-kid me. 

My lists, my writing, some mediocre drawings, whatever else I feel like throwing up here.


Everything in between the one trick pony artist who works in one medium and is just that.







Photo Credit: Martin Parr

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